LUXURY Raw indian bundles

LUXURY Raw indian bundles

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Our raw indian hair is the best hair you'll ever come across.

The price for each unit represents one single bundle. You must add 2-4 units for a full installation 

Hair is directly sourced from Indian temple making it 100% unprocessed & chemical free

Raw indian, single donor, shiny & thick luxurious hair that will surely keep heads turning.

with proper care and love, hair can last you up to 5 years

Our Raw indian wavy varies in color from black to brown as no one bundles will be the exact color or texture due to the nature of the product.

 Hair can be lifted to 613 and processed to achieve other colors as well. Pleas consult with a professional before doing so, in efforts of achieving the best results. 

Please keep in mind that raw indian hair needs lots of love, attention & moisture as your real hair would. Please keep hair moisturized & detangle with a wide tooth comb.


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